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First-Rate Tax Advisor in Vancouver

Firm of John F Howes CPA is a full-service tax preparation, planning, and business services firm. Please call or email about any questions that you have or needs that you want to be addressed.To book a consultation, get in touch on +13607477829.

If You Own A Business

Besides owning and operating my accounting practices, I have owned several other successful businesses. Besides analyzing the tax code and helping clients comply with all State and Federal regulations, much of my experience has been what all successful business owners do. Set up and design computer operations for your business, create and implement marketing plans, hire (and fire) and supervise employees, make purchasing and inventory decisi... Learn more

If You Need Personal Tax Assistance

I have 25 years of experience doing tax-related work. Some of those years also owned other businesses as well. I have worked for large and small CPA firms, been a partner in a CPA firm, and owned my own firm for the last 12 years. A wide variety of people and businesses have used my services. Wage-earners, homeowners, salespeople, doctors, nurses, dentists, realtors, ma and pop stores, truckers, franchisees, teachers, retirees, CEOs, investo... Learn more

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Karl F. Tesch

Responsive, experienced, timely performance, dependable, friendly, customer-focused!

Jan 21, 2022


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Self-Employment Tax Is Not Always Inevitable

Posted On Jan 21, 2022

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